Nanjiy Clip Earrings (Grey Blue)

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Nanjiy Clip Earrings (Grey Blue)



The Yioör II collection (2018) is the second part of the legend of the Yioör Cycle, which tells, generation after generation and through their jewels, the adventures of the Yioör-Joehkraâs ("The New Men") tribe ancestors.

14K gold-plated brass hand-carved earrings set with Swarovski crystals and embellished with 100% pure wild silk pompoms from Thailand.
Nanjiy earrings have been specially designed for women whose ears are not pierced or too sensitive to large curls or allergic to veneer. They close with comfortable clips that significantly reduce the weight of the loop and limit the contact of the skin with the metal.

Available in two colors: Fuchsia Pink (fuchsia pompoms and Swarovski crystals 'iridescent green') and Gray Blue (blue gray pompons and Swarovski crystals 'white opal').


Swarovski Crystals, 100% Thai Silk, 14K Gold Plated Brass

Clip Earrings


Height: 11 cm Width: 4 cm Weight: 10 gr

La Fiancée Du Facteur Is Working With In A Small Family Factory In Thailand, Which Takes Care To Respect The Rights Of Its Employees And Maintains The Tradition Of Thai Jewelry Manufacturing. Each Jewel Of Is Meticulously Hand-Carved And High Quality Gold Plated.

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